HIG Asset Management Services

Hospitality Investors Group (HIG) provides Asset Management Services to Hotel Investors and Owners to ensure that their Hotel Assets are managed efficiently, professionally and profitably. HIG Asset Management Services also recommends Hotel Management Companies and Brands to Hotel Investors and Owners that would be best suited to their particular asset. HIG Asset Management Services acts as a liaison between Hotel Investors and Owners and the Hotel Management Company that they retain to operate their asset.

HIG Asset Management Services assists the Hotel Management Company during the pre-opening of new Hotels and the pre-takeover of existing Hotels to ensure a smooth opening and start up of operations. Post opening and post take-over, HIG Asset Management Services reviews monthly operating statements, annual business plans, marketing programs and any other relevant operational issues and reports monthly to the Hotel Investors and Owners.

This division, under the direction of Mr. Timothy M Whitehead, CHA - Director of Asset Management Services, maintains an office in Toronto.


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