Chairman - Frank Orenstein
Mr. Orenstein is responsible for directing all activities of the Company from both a development and operating perspective. Mr. Orenstein was one of the original founders of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and throughout his 45 years of business, has developed over 100 hotels and resorts , and raised over $800 million in capital for HIG’s hospitality assets.

President - Evan Dockser
Mr. Dockser is primarily responsible for overseeing the Company’s capital market activities and in coordinating with HIG”s partners the financial reporting and operating results of the Company’s various development transactions. Mr. Dockser has held senior positions in several NY Stock Exchange Companies who specialize in providing capital to the hospitality industry. Mr. Dockser is located in the Company’s Washington office.

Vice President of Construction Services- Mark Jansheski
Mr. Jansheski has almost 30 years of high end development and construction experience, having completed over $200mm in residential and commercial projects. Mr. Jansheski’s primary responsibility is to maximize project value through coordinated entitlements, design and construction. Mr. Jansheski assists with project concept, design alternatives, value engineering, critical path, construction budgeting and implementing. Having worked many years in the trades, Mr. Jansheski also has a "hands on" working knowledge of construction techniques & efficiencies, engineering loads, material choices and systems.

Senior Vice President-Acquisitions and Development - Ed Miranda
Mr. Miranda prepares all financial analysis and research for the Company’s hotels under development and leads the diligence team in underwriting new projects
for the Company and its partners. Mr. Miranda is fluent in Spanish and has an extensive background in hotel acquisitions , having held senior positions with several major hotel development groups, including Blackstone Capital. Mr.
Miranda is located in the Company’s Florida office.

Vice President Operations and Asset Management - Timothy Whitehead
Mr. Whitehead is responsible for providing operating requirements and setting standards, in both French and English, for the Company’s hotel developments and reviews the results of the operations managed by the Company’s hotel managers on behalf of ownership. Mr. Whitehead has worked for some of the world’s most prestigious hotel companies and was trained at the Savoy Hotel London England. Mr. Whitehead is located in the Company’s Toronto office .

Vice-President Human Resources - Nadja Schmid
Ms. Schmid is responsible for creating the required training and operating manuals for the Company’s various hotel developments. Ms. Schmid has extensive experience in setting luxury standards having worked for Four Seasons Hotels as well as various other international luxury operators in North America and Europe. Ms. Schmid is based in the Company’s Florida office.
Director of Wellness and Spa Services - Lisa Amami
Ms. Amami is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and provides the Company with the most current spa and wellness programs available as well as guiding spa operations in sourcing natural based organic products in addition to teaching spa staff in acupuncture, yoga and alternative healing techniques. Ms. Amami is fluent in Japanese and has experience in organizing wellness seminars world-wide. Ms Amami is located in the Company’s Florida office.

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